A Path to Simplicity #4

#4. Refuse to be propagandized by the custodians of modern gadgetry.

“Time saving devices almost never save time.” – Foster

Before you write me off as a granola-crunching, polaroid-snapping hipster, give this one a chance. Being the first one to have the next-best-thing WILL NOT make you happy,  no matter how much the advertisements promise you it will. I believe that common sense and a discerning spirit must work hand in hand with simplicity. Be smart in your decisions. If your not sure what being smart entails, ask someone, someone smart.

On a related note, have you ever thought about where your old phone, computer or television ends up after you've done away with it? If you have some time watch this video.


"Environmental responsibility alone should keep us from buying the majority of the gadgets produced today." - Foster.

We all need to rethink how we prioritize material possessions in relation to the rest of our lives. Think back to yesterday, what can you give away? 


Jordan Michalski
Student Ministries Assistant | Soul Sanctuary