Soul Devotional - November 3, 2014

"Grace us Lord, with your presence,
because sometimes things can be such a mess. We try to live ordered organized lives with good principles and lofty goals, but then there we stand at the end of it; our days scattered with broken dreams, words that should not have been spoken, actions we wish we could take back, and many many things we did not do.

In the shattered life, in the fractured family, in the falling apart world, we need you. Be our grace, Lord.

Give us grace to see with your eyes.
Instead of enemies, we will see friends. Instead of closed doors, we will find keys in our hands.
Instead of closed minds, we will think fresh new possibilities. Clenched with our own hatreds and hang-ups, you will offer a place to relax, to breathe.

In the most parched places of our life, you are bubbling up like living water. Your grace leavening us, lightening us, filling us with hope that surprises, like happy laughter in a dark place.

That’s what we need, and we know that’s what you offer. We hold on to you, Lord, for dear life,
for resurrected life, for a graceful life in your name, Amen."

--Gerry Michalski
Lead Pastor
Soul Sanctuary