The Stress of Money


Christmas is fast coming upon and so is all the craziness that goes with it. And then there are the stresses of finances, and travel, and weather, and family concerns, and poor health. Some people hate the hurrying around. Some people hate shopping. Some people hate the dilemma of getting something wonderful for that person, but not going too far over or under what that person will spend on them. I think every person hates the materialism, but most of us don’t know how to avoid it. It’s no wonder Christmas becomes a survival sport.

The stress that plagues people at this time of the year are rooted in three basic sources: paying for it, getting everything done and relationships. It all adds up to dealing simply with the stress of the holidays.  

For each of us, Christmas carries its own stresses. And none of us really knows what another person has to deal with. But, one fact is true: that for many of us, if not most of us, Christmas carries stress. For many of us, Christmas can sometimes be a hassle. For too many of us, too often, we are relieved when Christmas is over. It’s not that we enjoyed Christmas – it’s that we survived it.

Last Sunday, we talked about finances and our priorities with how we handle money. Basically, there are 5 things that we do with our money. I believe that this little formula applies to everyone regardless of socio-economic class. All of us fit into this category when it comes to our priorities with what we do with our money. 

  1. We spend our money. 

  2. Repay debt.

  3. Pay our taxes.

  4. If there is anything let over, we save it. 

  5. We might give.


Now, from the above list, we have to ask the question ‘Who is the priority in each point?’

  1. Me 

  2. Me

  3. We 

  4. Me 

  5. God and Others


For most people this is how we prioritize our money, then we pray to GOD to help us with all these other things. But it is interesting that GOD is at the bottom. We pray “GOD help us with the things…”  I wonder if He is listening to some of us praying and looking at our priorities and “You got the wrong list. You are mis-managing what I am giving to you!” Financial problems always occur when we ignore Gods financial principles. 

~ Pastor Gerry Michalski | Lead Pastor