Soul Devotional - March 31, 2015

In Soul Kids we have a  magazine called HomeFront. This magazine is a resource for families of every shape and size. It helps to create fun, spiritually forming times at home. The layout makes it easy for busy families to create space in the week to all grow together. As I was reading through this months issue I found a gem that I wanted to share with you in preparation for this Easter season. 

" We often recognize Lent by giving up something in order to get a little uncomfortable and to remind us that we're completely dependent upon God. . But what if instead of simply fasting for 40 days, we added a couple of practices in the three days before Easter - practices that would get us out of our comfort zone? Rather than simply giving up chocolate, coffee, or soda, we add the disciplines of repentances and almsgiving - in addition to fasting. These disciplines date back to the beginning of Lenten tradition, and although tradition would define Lent as the 40 days prior to Easter, it's simply a season of preparation. This Holy Week, get out of your comfort zone with your kids [Becki says: "or any family members or friends"] and set aside time to incorporate these disciplines into your lives." 

" On what the church calendar refers to as Maundy Thursday, Jesus and His broke bread together at what would be the Last Supper. To remember the meal consumed that night, commit to a time of fasting as a family. This may be a total "media fast", meaning you commit to completely unplugging for the entire day, or it may be a fast from food for the entire day for adults or a portion of a mean for kids. be sure you explain to your kids why you're fasting so they can explain what they're doing to others. If you'd like, you might take communion as a family at the end of the day in remembrance of the Last Supper."
" On Good Friday, practice repentance for the very sins for which Christ died on the cross. As a family, confess your sins by writing them down on sheets of paper. Then read Psalms 51 together. Think about the words blot, wash, sin, iniquity, white, snow, pure heart, joy of your salvation - words and phrases that foreshadow the sacrifice that would happen on Good Friday. Using correction fluid or tape, "White out" all of the sins on the papers as you pray a prayer of repentance. Then, using markers or paint, transfer the space here the sins used to be into art, focusing on "pure heart" and "joy of your salvation"."[Becki says: use a canvas for this activity, then you can have a permeant piece of art to remember].
"On Saturday, prepare your heart for the resurrection by practicing almsgiving. Almsgiving is the act of giving to charity or providing something needed for free. The easy thing would be to go through your children's toys and clothes and to give the broken-isn toys and the holy-ish pants and the stained-isn shirts to someone who might be okay with the 'ish'. Instead, consider what you might give away that would install dignity in someone else. What would give your kids a view of the epic, radical, huge, and loving God who sent His Son to die on a cross for those sins you 'blotted out' the day before? Sit down with your children and find out what grabs their hearts. Where might they see limitless possibility - how might they give outside their comfort zone."

I hope you have some fun with these activities and find some time to spiritually mature and grow as a family. Lets remember what Easter is all about this season. 


You can access the rest of the HomeFront magazine at the link below. This article was taken from:


Becki Wiens 
Children's Ministry Assistant | Soul Sanctuary