Soul Devotional - June 10, 2014

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The Soul Sisterhood Retreat was incredible.  For those that could not make it, I want to give a little compilation of the takeaways I got from our wonderful speakers.  Remember, these are either quotes from the speakers, or messages I felt I received from this group of beautiful women.  The theme of the weekend was pouring in-pouring out.  Wilma Derksen started off the weekend. One of the main things I pulled from her session was that we often think of people who pour into us, as being All positive.   We need to beware the "stranger", who may only have a very short-one time interaction with us, but that can change our lives forever.  If they affect us in a negative way...what will we do with that?  Will we let it control or ruin our lives? Will we choose to forgive and love(as Jesus would want), and become healthy people that can pour into others?  Victoria Graham continued on the thoughts with the fact that we are always pouring into someone, somehow...who and what are we pouring in?  We can look at mentoring or pouring into someone as a "walk" with people.  It is intentional time spent with someone, using the teachable moments and being real and transparent.  Caitlin Krahn spoke on Luke 10:38-42(the Mary and Martha story), where she added that Jesus knows our hearts and the motives behind the things we say and do.  He knows when something we do for someone else, may start out in love, but also when our attitude changes and we feel a sense of martyrdom, self-importance, or pride.  These feeling can change in a second, depending on our self-talk.  The amazing thing about this is that Jesus never leaves our side or "our home" when we lose sight of Him, He instead uses those opportunities to correct and teach IN LOVE.  "The cure for anxiousness is to let Jesus pour into us."  Lauren Ritchie went on to talk about how we are ALL called by Jesus to disciple or pour into others.  We always have excuses.  "Discipleship is not for perfect people to pour into imperfect people, but rather the broken sharing with broken."  We are called to give up our fears, comforts, and anything else standing in our way; leave our excuses at the feet of Jesus.  Misty spoke on Luke 8(the woman with the bleeding that touched the hem of Jesus and was healed).  She talked about vulnerability as the key to a sense of wholeness.  "Connection can be the thing we crave most, yet fear most."  She left us to evaluate our hearts and consider what ways we feel untouchable.  Jesus longs for us to have courage, which can translate into coming out of hiding.  "Authenticity makes you approachable."

These women were so inspired of God this weekend.  I feel that even though you were not able to attend, you can still learn from them by meditating on some of their thoughts and engage  yourself in walking a path with people that have things to teach, and sharing things with others that you have learned.   Live authentically, with purpose and remember to be intentional!  God will do the rest.


Marcy Proskurnik
Assistant Children's Ministry Director | Soul Sanctuary