Soul Devotional - May 27, 2014

Choose Joy

“I have long been in the habit of building joy-breaks into the course of my days “... (Thomas Kinkade) I believe this is very important, and so here are some suggestions on how to go about this.  

  • Look for surprises in the regular things of your every day. In the summer, there is so much that we see around us in nature that could be that little surprise that brings us joy(mine was in spring, when the first pussy willows formed on my my fuzzy-little friends).

  • Be a blessing to others. “Blessings are like hugs from God to let you know how much He loves you. Counting blessings is like hugging God back” (Debby Boone).

  • Say NO to the “what-ifs” that tend to kill our joy and keep us down.

  • Remember to check your attitude. We can’t always change our circumstances, but we can always choose our attitude...perspective is everything.

  • Be thankful(counting your blessings), either verbally or in a blessings journal.

Don’t wait until tomorrow - choose Joy today!


Marcy Proskurnik
Children's Ministry Assistant | Soul Sanctuary