Soul Devotional - December 2, 2014

Sunday Prayer:

God of Hope, we gather in your presence this morning with confidence that you will meet us. Where there is sadness, bring joy; Where there is tiredness, bring refreshment; Where there is despair, bring a renewed sense of hope. Let this place be a sanctuary, a safe haven for us, a place for holy words and songs and prayers as we devote ourselves to you.

God we turn to you with our prayer of hope. Hope springs eternal when we walk with you. Help us walk this week with you. We hope that this will be a week filled
with joy, with love, with laughter, with purpose and fulfillment.

But if the week brings hard times and hurt, pain and sorrow, tears and trials,
we know that your care and comfort will console us moment by moment.
Grace us with forgiving spirits. As a community help us walk with the happy and the sorrowful, holding their stories tenderly.

We hope for peace in our time, for an end to war. We long to hear the sound of governments listening to their people, heeding their pleas for justice. We long to hear the sound of the children of the world cheering together because peace has been declared, and they do not have to fear anymore. We hope for healing for our world, for harmony and balance where we have caused disharmony and unbalance.

Lord, help us to feel in our bones the beauty of this life, this world; its sounds and sights and smells and tastes, the lavishness of being which you give us in seconds and minutes and hours and days and weeks and months. Move in us, have your way with us, so that we can say, wholeheartedly, every day has been a gift through which we’ve lived and moved as followers of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Gerry Michalski | Lead Pastor
Soul Sanctuary