Soul Devotional - Nov 19, 2014

    God’s been working on me very specifically in these last couple years. He is throwing me curve ball after curve ball! Just when I feel as if I am in a comfortable groove, God changes things up. Be it a new home, a new baby, a new job, changing family is crazy. Just when I think I’ve figured it out and have it under control it changes! WHAT?!

    God is working on me. He is teaching me to trust in him at ALL times. He gives me opportunities every day to lean on him and trust in him. When things are going well, this is easy. When things do not go as I expect and I am left vulnerable, it’s not always that easy to trust in our God. In fact, I fail...a lot! But in my weakness, I can trust in his strength, even when I do not understand.

Revelations 22:13 says “ I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last”. 

 In an article I read, Naquan says this, regarding Revelations 22:13 
“Who else can say that but God?  No one, only God can say such a thing.  God knows everything: the past, current and future and our knowledge and understanding doesn’t even compare to the knowledge and understanding of God –  even when it applies to our own life. 
Furthermore, when you don’t understand what God is doing in your life, consider the source – Who is it that you’re trusting; God or yourself?
Here is something to remember.  Man is fallible; we fall short and at times we’re unable to keep our promises.  Man can give you instructions that are misleading and imperfect.  With God, none of these things are possible.  God keeps His promises, God gives you right instructions according to His perfect will and He won’t mislead you.
No matter how much you don’t understand life as it is right now; no matter how uncomfortable it may seem or how hard it gets, don’t give up.  If God is with you -  the same God who spoke life into you, the same God who IS and knows the beginning and the end, the same God who knew you before the foundation of this world -is with you, then ask yourself who or WHAT can stand against you.
Consider the source and seek to be obedient to the Lord, even when you don t understand what God is doing in your life; don’t worry about “this or that” because God has provisions for you.”

(Trusting in God When You Don't Understand

I pray that you will trust in our perfect God today and that he will give you the strength to follow his perfect will. Blessings!

Becki Wiens
Children's Ministry Assistant | Soul Sanctuary