Retreat, Father's Day & Missions

Coming off of a retreat is always interesting...exhausted (lack of sleep), exhilarated (so much fun),  expectant (of what God did & what it'll look like in my life).  The theme was "pouring in & pouring out".  The women who shared all had examples of people pouring into (mentoring) them & now they need to pour into (mentor) someone else.  They shared examples from scripture, things God had healed & taught them and the journeys they are still on with God.  I know God touched some women as they reached out & touched the hem of Jesus.

While I was enjoying myself at the retreat, Soul Kids was taken care of very my husband.   I knew I could relax & have no worries with Ralph overseeing the morning.  

And, Father's Day this Sunday!  We get to celebrate the men in our lives!  We will not only be celebrating our earthly Dad's, but God, as our perfect, heavenly Father.  

Next Sunday, June 22, will be our last official Soul Kids before our summer programming & new team of volunteers begin!  We're in the recruitment mode.  We'll be having a great celebration on the 22nd of what God has done, is doing & will be doing in Soul Kids!! A Hawaiian Luau!  Our theme for the summer is Missions.  Every week we'll learn about a new missionary.  The kids will be writing to imprisoned pastors & missionaries, have a real live missionary talk to them and the third week of July (14-18) we're planning for Soul Day Camp!  The theme? AFRICA!! One of my favourite places in the world!

Stay tuned in for more updates...did I mention we're having Puppets 4 Him coming to Soul Kids on the 29th of June?

Be Blessed!