Palm trees, puppets & Day Camp

This past week in Soul Kids was soooo much fun!  It was our finale before the summer & summer scheduling begins.  We bowled palm trees (blow-up ones...) over with coconuts, did the limbo, a dress-up relay & had delicious Hawaiian cupcakes & fruit skewers!  

Also, we blessed our grade 5's moving into grade 6 next year with a beautiful Bible!  They will stay with Soul Kids until the fall, but I wanted to recognize them before the summer...and they can start enjoying their new Bibles!

This Sunday, the 22nd, we've invited Puppets 4 Him to Soul Kids for the morning! Here's the link if you'd like to see what they're all about!

Make sure to enrol your kids in our first ever Soul Kids Day Camp!!!  Registration will start in a couple weeks.  It's called "Around The World In 5 Days".  Each day of the week we'll be "visiting" a different continent...Monday is Africa, Tuesday is Asia, Wednesday is South America, Thursday is North America & Friday is Europe.  Mark your calendars for July 21-25, 10am-3pm!  There will be more information posted on the Soul Sanctuary

I heard this great saying can make more money, but you can't make more time. So, use both wisely.  Learn how to say "no" & know your personal limits. Money does not buy everything... Your kids will never forget the time you "spent" on them! 

Be Blessed!

Luau, missions & sheep

This week we are planning our wind-up at Soul Kids...a Luau!!  Sunday (June 22) is our last official Sunday before the summer scheduling starts.  The Soul Kids theatre will be transformed into a Hawaiian Island full of activities, games, food & tons of fun!  We'll start our morning off with some worship & prayer.

Also, this summer Soul will be having their first ever DAY CAMP!!!  July 21-25 will be our African themed Soul Kids Day Camp!  Those plans have already begun and tie into the entire theme of the summer...missions & missionaries.  Over the summer we'll have a missionary, Aimee Heyer, come & share with Soul Kids what she's doing in Africa.  There are too many other things for me to list right now, so keep posted by reading this blog every week!

Last night our family went to the Red River Ex.  We had so much fun!  Rides, mini donuts, stinky sheep, cotton candy, more rides, chapati (an African flat bread...yummy!), fudge & more rides!  Honestly, it's one of the most sugary nights we have, but what a great family night.  There's nothing like feeling sick from the rides, eating fudge & going on more rides!!  

As summer starts, routine changes, kids are out of school, don't forget to be a family still.  EnJOY your kids.  Ours are 12, 14 & seems like they were just toddlers... Put God first, then your will not regret the time you take to pour into your kids.  In Isaiah 40:11..."He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young."  God leads you as you raise your child(ren).  And, "...for your Father knows what you need before you ask Him." Matthew 6:8  Ask Him how to raise, lead, teach, instruct & play with you child(ren).  Learn from the best Father...God!

Be blessed!

Retreat, Father's Day & Missions

Coming off of a retreat is always interesting...exhausted (lack of sleep), exhilarated (so much fun),  expectant (of what God did & what it'll look like in my life).  The theme was "pouring in & pouring out".  The women who shared all had examples of people pouring into (mentoring) them & now they need to pour into (mentor) someone else.  They shared examples from scripture, things God had healed & taught them and the journeys they are still on with God.  I know God touched some women as they reached out & touched the hem of Jesus.

While I was enjoying myself at the retreat, Soul Kids was taken care of very my husband.   I knew I could relax & have no worries with Ralph overseeing the morning.  

And, Father's Day this Sunday!  We get to celebrate the men in our lives!  We will not only be celebrating our earthly Dad's, but God, as our perfect, heavenly Father.  

Next Sunday, June 22, will be our last official Soul Kids before our summer programming & new team of volunteers begin!  We're in the recruitment mode.  We'll be having a great celebration on the 22nd of what God has done, is doing & will be doing in Soul Kids!! A Hawaiian Luau!  Our theme for the summer is Missions.  Every week we'll learn about a new missionary.  The kids will be writing to imprisoned pastors & missionaries, have a real live missionary talk to them and the third week of July (14-18) we're planning for Soul Day Camp!  The theme? AFRICA!! One of my favourite places in the world!

Stay tuned in for more updates...did I mention we're having Puppets 4 Him coming to Soul Kids on the 29th of June?

Be Blessed!

African drums, prayer & amazing husbands

We had a great Sunday in Soul Kids!!  Two of our interns, Chris & Matt, are ministering to our kids until June 22.  Chris taught the kids about Paul in Antioch and how the persecution caused the Gospel to be spread throughout the area!  Both Chris & Matt lead the worship! Next Sunday Matt is leading with his African drum! #worshipgodwithafricandrums

During the Main Gathering one of our Soul Kids & myself prayed over several people for healing.  After praying for one gentleman he said he began feeling better!  Praise God!  He is moving in & through our children.  I think we have so much to learn from children & their simple, uncomplicated faith.  To hear this young child pray & to end each prayer with, "you are healed by the healing hand of Jesus, Amen.", is powerful! #healedinjesusname

The women's retreat is coming up this weekend.  My daughter Kasalyn & I have the honour of leading the worship.  Since I'll be away, my husband, Ralph, will be overseeing the Soul Kids morning! Also, Marcy's husband, Steve, will be taking over for her!  What amazing husbands we have been blessed with!! #amazinghusbands

Reading from the Proverbs for the next 28 days!  "Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6 #myfirst5

Keep on keeping on in Jesus!!


Feet, Beach Balls & Jesus

During the past three months in Soul Kids we've done some acting, had a couple guest speakers, eating contests...blindfolded, washed Mom's feet (and a couple Dad's), drawn chalk murals & many other fun activities. We had a huge beach ball game with 7 beach and leaders!

And, yes, we are learning about Jesus! It's through the above activities that some of the lessons are taught and reinforced...and some are just for fun!  We want Soul Kids to be exciting as the kids learn how to be followers of Jesus and make their faith their own.

Recently, one of our main leaders left for Quebec on an educational trip.  I asked some kids to come up and pray a blessing over her.  Ten kids came to the front, layed hands on her & one little girl prayed out loud...that was a powerful & touching moment.  

Check out the links below to listen to our new songs! The kids are helping me lead worship and we've been using a bunch of hand held 'instruments' & noise makers! So much fun!