Prospective Interns


What's it About? 

Becoming an intern at Soul Sanctuary is much more than just being a part of a program. It's about furthering your knowledge through education, it's about service and dedication, it's about taking up your cross and following Jesus. Focusing on mentorship, practical education, and hands-on ministry experience, our interns learn what it means to live wholeheartedly for Jesus.

Who is it For? 

The Soul Sanctuary Internship is available to all believers in Jesus Christ. Regardless of where you are in your walk with Christ, we encourage you to consider becoming an intern. Our goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. It should be noted that specific information is required for enrollment in the program. For example, all interns must consent to both a Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Check. 

How Does it Work? 

Being an intern is a full academic year commitment, from September through June. This program is designed to be completed alongside full-time post-secondary study or full-time employment. The demand of the program is fifteen hours per week, with the obvious exception of trips/retreats. The year is separated into three trimesters. During each trimester, interns are placed in a specific ministry stream chosen at the time of application. The focus of your ministry experience will depend on your stream selection. 


More About the Soul Sanctuary Internship Program

Spirit-directed Lifestyle

As followers of Christ, we have been called out of our old, futile way of life to a life lived by the power and direction of the Spirit of God. One way we set our minds on spiritual things is through spiritual disciplines. Through the internship program you will walk alongside spiritual leaders in the Soul community, who will teach you how disciplines such as rest, prayer, and thankfulness can assist us in knowing God and thinking with a spiritual perspective.


The primary purpose of the Soul Sanctuary Internship is to continue equipping disciples of Jesus to make more disciples. In order to do this, each intern is partnered with a spiritual mentor from the Soul community who will communicate with them weekly. Mentors provide an open ear, share their experience, and model an environment of grace so that interns have a wise companion as they grow in their faith. 


The Soul Sanctuary Internship will take place primarily at 2050 Chevrier Blvd, Soul Sanctuary's new building. However, interns will at various points strike out into different parts of Winnipeg!  


The cost of tuition is $500 for the whole year. Tuition fees cover all course materials and books, as well as an intensive mission experience in Winnipeg. If it is clear that God is calling the interns to another part of the province or the world, Soul Sanctuary staff will select an approach to fund-raising together with the interns. Fees can be paid in a lump sum at the beginning of the year, or paid in thirds at the beginning of each trimester. 

Practical Ministry Streams

During each trimester, interns will focus on one ministry stream, totaling three ministry streams throughout the year. Click on any stream for more information.

         - Audio/Visual Stream
         - Children's Ministry Stream
         - Youth & Young Adult Ministry Stream
         - Music / Worship Ministry Stream
         - Pastoral Ministry Stream 

Staff and Instructors

Each ministry stream is supervised by different members of the Soul Sanctuary community and staff. Additionally, teaching sessions are primarily provided by Soul Sanctuary staff, including Pastor Gerry Michalski. 

Classroom Instruction 

Classroom instruction includes teaching on the Bible, practical ministry, and relevant life issues that equip each intern with foundational truths that build character and knowledge essential for Kingdom service. Courses are not currently accredited through any institutionalized governing body.

Missions & Outreach

Each year, interns will participate in a short-term missions excursion within Winnipeg. However, our missions and outreach opportunities don't end there. Interns will take up an active role in whatever location and opportunity Soul Sanctuary staff offer. It should also be noted that "missions" doesn't only mean working with the poor, dirty, or socially oppressed. It means having the mission of Christ perforate your life, taking the good news to everyone you meet. It means being considered radical by some, crazy by a few more, and obedient by Jesus. 


While we do not offer residence, we are more than willing to help you find a place to rent or buy in Winnipeg. 


Program Length: September - June (2014-2015)
Three trimesters / one ministry stream selection per trimester.

Time Requirements: 15 Hours / Week. Designed to be compatible with full-time post-secondary studies or full-time employment.

Available Ministry Streams: 
         - Audio/Visual Stream
         - Children's Ministry Stream
         - Youth & Young Adult Ministry Stream
         - Music / Worship Ministry Stream
         - Pastoral Ministry Stream

Admission Cost: $500
         - Includes books and pre-planned trips


Send us any questions you may have and we can walk you through the process of application.
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