Why We Give!

So, I am sitting here at my desk putting my signature on hundreds of letters that we will place in envelops when we give out tax receipts for the previous year’s donations. As I am writing my name over and over again, a question came to me. Why do we give?

At Soul Sanctuary we are currently in a series called The Door to Freedom, and it is all about dealing with our hurts, habits and hang ups. One of the hang ups that some people have is giving to the church. It was Jesus who said that our money matters reveal our heart’s alignment with GOD’s priorities (Matthew 6:21).

It is one thing to invest in our own future, family etc. but why do people continue to invest faithfully in GOD’s ministry and mission through Soul Sanctuary? I have looked over what we have been doing here at Soul and I thought that I would like to offer a few suggestions.

First, Jesus Christ is clearly lifted up as the The Way of life! Expect nothing else when you come and experience a Sunday gathering. Secondly, people are finding Him and experiencing freedom that only Jesus can offer. Then there is the fact that Soul is investing its resources in making children and teen ministry a priority! WE LOVE KIDS! Well actually we love PEOPLE! Not too mention that ministry with the poor is a practice and not just an ideal. We have passionate staff and volunteers making a huge difference at our Living Word Temple location in the north end of the city. On any given Sunday, Soul demonstrates racial diversity and inclusivity as evidence of the Spirit of Pentecost…we all come together! Also, any given Sunday there are those who have walked in through the doors and do not ascribe to any faith and they are welcomed and given time to inch in faith.

I am moved to know that there are those who are in the paralyisis of addiction of all kinds who are getting up off their mats of denial and stepping into GOD’s blessed future…and there are even those of us who struggle with this culture of consumerism who are being transformed into faithful followers of Jesus.

Then the various missions that are sponsored over all the world: Russia, Indonesia, Africa, Central America and the list goes on and ends with what we are doing locally! 

The coolest thing that I love about Soul is the Joy Basket! Yup! The fact that we do not "take" an offering but rather have 2 baskets that greet you when you walk in to the facility is amazing. People give, and they give joyfully! What more can we ask for? Not too mention they sacrificially give of their resources so that others might know the freedom of new life found in Jesus. So, I sit here overwhelmed with what GOD is doing through this church and feeling blessed....

 Thank You! #iloveourchurch

And, what about your community of faith?