Year End Update from the Chair

It has been a few months since I have taken the time to post on this blog, to which I apologize. My pre-New Years resolution is to post regularly in 2015. With that said, this new post is to bring you all up to speed on what is happening here at Soul Sanctuary.  

"So, how is the new building?" is a question I hear all the time. Simply put.. FANTASTIC! as we are beginning to use it both for ministry and community purposes. This place is a constant hum of people coming and going and believe it or not it has been a great catalyst for conversation with the community at large. 

It has always been the Vision of Soul Sanctuary to impact the community at large. I have to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the volunteers who help make Soul Sanctuary and Living Word Temple happen every week, because without your physical presence and those who contribute financially we would not be able to do what we do. Thank You to the set up and tear down crews, the hospitality team, the kids and youth leaders, the sound, video, and lighting team (AKA Tech Team), those in the parking lot, those making meals at LWT or kids ministry at LWT those who serve in leadership and those who give of their finances. We have a community that I am so proud of... I lOVE MY CHURCH! For Example: a call went out to collect for hampers for families from Living Word Temple and Soul Sanctuary has raised over $8000 to bless almost 40 families this Christmas. WHAT A GIVING SPIRIT! 

In keeping with the spirit of giving, Soul Sanctuary was blessed with a very generous donation designated to help bring the building and ministry up to a full functioning level. So, what you will see in the next 2 months is some minor construction happening as we are installing a new electrical panel so that we will have a fully functioning kitchen, as well as enough electricity to begin as we plan the building of a daycare, start date hopefully in April. Budgeted from this this donation we have (or will be) purchased furniture for the atrium, appliances and cabinets/countertops for the kitchen complete with utensils, stage lighting, video equipment, and audio equipment. We still rely on the weekly support if the community so please remember to continue to give either in the Joy Basket or online! 

Now for some changes: Joanne Ritchie who has been on staff in various roles is again, changing portfolios from our Office Administrator to our Daycare Development Consultant. Her focus will be in putting all the necessary details together so that Soul Sanctuary can have a Daycare for 8 infants and 32 children running by September. That means we have a JOB OPENING at Soul! 

We will be accepting resumes immediately for the OFFICE ADMINISTRATOR position. -  The successful candidate must be a spiritually mature individual and fully support the Vision, Mission and Statement of Faith of Soul Sanctuary, with the ability to whole-heartedly live out the Statement of Faith of Soul Sanctuary. Have a minimum Grade XII graduation. Must have a minimum five years experience and/or training in administration or related areas; Demonstrate initiative and the ability to organize, schedule and complete work on various concurrent assignments with minimum supervision in a timely manner. Ability to communicate and establish effective working relationships with many different people. Duties may include fielding telephone calls and emails, receiving and directing visitors, word processing and filing, provide administrative support for other staff members, basic financial record keeping and data entry, as well as other duties as assigned  

January 10th is our closing date for accepting resumes. Please email a cover letter and resume to 

ALSO we have CUSTODIAN positions as well. There are 3 CUSTODIAL ROLES that are looking to be filled here at Soul. 

First there is the DAY CUSTODIAN which is approximately 16 hours per week and the person must be present on Saturday and one other day a week. 

Secondly, there is the EVENING CUSTODIAN and FACILITY MANAGER is approximately 20 hours per week and is present from 6pm until closing. 

Third, there is the SUNDAY/ON CALL Custodian which is a minimum of 3 hours a week on Sundays but is also ON CALL if help is needed for the other two positions. 

January 10th is our closing date for accepting resumes. Please email a cover letter and resume to 

Finally, we are also accepting resumes for a BOOK KEEPER position of 5-10 hours per month. 

January 10th is our closing date for accepting resumes. Please email a cover letter and resume to 


So there you have it. A little update as to all the excitement here at Soul Sanctuary. I trust that you will have a Merry Christmas. In the pas,t because we have not had a facility of our own, we never did Christmas gatherings at Soul. We encouraged our community to go and support other churches. This year we are breaking our Christmas tradition of telling our people to go to other churches for Christmas Eve and we want you to invite all your friends and family (and those from other churches!) to join us on Christmas Eve from 6-7pm. Be Blessed and from my family to yours.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!