Homage to a Trailblazer

It has been a while since I last shared my thoughts on this blog. I was going to post my thoughts on Christmas….naw! Then I thought I would post on the approaching of the New Year and things like resolutions…..naw! Then I thought I would post on beginning the New year with a bang, then a phone call came my way. Do you ever get those phone calls that make you think to yourself “Self, there is something not right here!"?

That’s how it started for me on Saturday night. I got a call and I knew something was up. It was my brother from Victoria calling to inform me that he had resigned his position of Senior Pastor at his church in Glad Tidings, Victoria after 25 years of committed service. My initial thoughts were asked "why?" Then, I have to admit that I was filled with a weight of emotion and tears came to my eyes! Why so emotional? I am not sure.

A flood of memories zipped through my head as I listened to my big brother tell me that he was stepping aside. Here is my big brother, who I always looked up to, yet I knew that I drove him crazy when I was younger and especially when we worked together. But here is a man that I admire. In my life as a minister, there are three people that I hold responsible for the person who I am. The first was Mark MacKnight who took the risk of bringing on a live wire of a kid to assist him at Calvary Temple in youth ministry. The second was Pastor HH Barber of Calvary Temple, who gave Mark the blessing to hire me and subsequently put up with my antics as a staff member of his church on two separate occasions. The third is my brother, Ron.  Ron took the risk to hire his own flesh and blood (not that he would always admit that) and allowed this guy to “cut his teeth” underneath his care and guidance. He put up with broken drywall, chairs, musical equipment, load music pouring out of my office, water-balloons, egg tosses in the church, sardines (of various type), pellet guns, crazy hair cuts and a young gun always pushing for change….

Under all that duress he kept his composure on the exterior, yet somehow I feel that inside he truly wanted to strangle me. The only thing that saved me was that Ron knew that if he laid a hand on me, that he would be in trouble from Mom!  Yet as I reflect of our time that we served together and the numerous times where I would call and ask for advice, especially when we started Soul Sanctuary, he would always take the time and listen to me spout. Ron taught me to love people, and stand strong in this world in which we live and this community in which we serve. I have seen and still see many people whose life he touched, and I am one of them. I would always get a word of encouragement from him and I appreciated how he respected my decisions, supported my passion and would always bring me down to earth when I started flying off course.  All this to say, to my big brother and mentor: may GOD continue to use you in this new adventure of life that you are entering and may what ever you decide to do be blessed! Oh, by the way, I will continue to call and ask for advice, and maybe one day you can work for me!