Our hope at Soul Sanctuary is for every person who walks through our doorway to experience genuine community with others. One of the main ways we work toward this goal is to connect people in life groups.


Join a life group and become a part of the life blood of Soul Sanctuary. We would love to help you get plugged in!

Life groups are the place where we fulfill the kind of “togetherness” God calls Christians to live. Every life group has its own flavour, but the same themes underpin each one. We eat together. We discuss our faith, study scripture together, and live as disciples of Jesus. We pray for each other.  We befriend, care for, and watch out for each other. And together we reach out to love and serve our communities. 


Do you get excited about helping people far from God and teaching them how to follow Jesus step by step? Life Groups are a great opportunity for people to grow in relationships and identify their next steps together. Group leaders are willing to go first in leading conversation and taking next step.