Sisterhood Retreat Update

Hi Soul Sisters,

Thank you for offering to drive another Soul Sister(s) in need of a ride to the Retreat this Friday. If you could meet at the Soul Fort Richmond parking lot (590 University Cres.) for 6:00  that would be great.  If some of you were planning to leave earlier please send me an email at with your plans.  Once I have collected the estimated time of departure from all of you, I will begin the match with Sister(s) and number of people you can take in your car. Here is a schedule with the events planned for part of the evening.


FRIDAY, June 6 

6:00pm            Meet at Soul Fort Richmond  Parking Lot (590 University Cres.)
6:15-6:30pm   Leave for Red Rock Lake Calvary Temple Camp not Red Rock Bible Camp
7:30-8:30pm  Registration/Sign In/Settle into Cabins
8:30pm            Welcome & Introduction
8:45pm             Worship with Susan and Kasalyn Friedenberger
9:00pm            Gathering #1 with Wilma Derksen 


Please enter through the Main Dining Hall Entrance.  Registration is from 7:30 - 8:30pm in the front of the Dining Hall.  

If you choose to arrive early, you may get settled in to a Cabin and return to the Dining Hall at 7:30pm to register.  Please note that there will be no meals served or activities open prior to the published schedule.

During registration, you will be given a brochure with the weekend information.


After the first Gathering time at 8:45pm in the Chapel, a hot snack will be provided for you to enjoy in the Dining Hall.  However, if you desire a full meal on Friday night you can pick up something in the city before you leave or on your way to the Calvary Temple Camp.  There is a great restaurant at the Brereton Lake Resort (allow yourself plenty of time if you plan on eating there - great food).  

You will not walk away from the weekend feeling hungry!

Look forward to a weekend of "Pouring In and Pouring Out".


Joanne Ritchie 

Porn and Parenting


Dear Mom and Dad, 
                                  As parents you have a responsibility to educate your children when it comes to issues such as sex, sexuality and pornography. The average age of first internet exposure to pornography is eleven years-old. When a student views pornography for the first time stimulus overload occurs and there is a lot to be made sense of. How do your children navigate the waters of the internet, pornography and sexuality themselves without sinking? The answer is you . 
Believe it or not, you hold an incredible amount of influence over your child at age eleven, even more-so at age five, and still a significant amount of influence during their teenage years. Yet despite the amount of influence you hold, talking with your child about sex is undoubtedly a daunting and sometimes intimidating task. 
I've never had children of my own and consequently have never had to talk to my children about sex. But I have worked with Jr. High and High School aged children for years and have recognized the need for strong parental leadership when it comes to sexuality. I can't begin to tell you how many students I've heard lament their porn addiction and the effect it has on their minds and relationships. 
So what do can we do? Strike preemptively. Talk to your children before they stumble along into a misguided Google search or before their friend shows them "cool videos" on their iPod. 
Still at a loss? There is no shame in asking for help, we want to help you out. On Tuesday, November 5, 2013 @ 7pm we will be hosting a workshop called "Porn & Parenting." If you have questions about talking to your children about sexuality, sex or pornography then you need to be there. 

Porn & Parenting Details:  

Time: 7pm
 Location: 590 University Cres. (map)
 Cost: FREE
Speakers Pastor Gerry Michalski & Guests


Name *

 Jordan Michalski is the Student Ministries Assistant at Soul Sanctuary. He completed the Soul Sanctuary Internship Program in 2012 and is currently studying Education at the University of Manitoba. He can be reached at