So you have this FANTASTIC idea for an event in the Soul Community and would like to get the word out, but are now wondering what is the best way to accomplish this? This guide is designed to explain how to best promote, inform, and give direction to individuals in leadership of an event in regards to reaching the Soul Sanctuary community. After reading through the Community Engagement Guide, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the next steps in organizing and promoting your event, and in addition how the Soul Create team will be able to assist you.

Submitting Event Information

We want to know all the details about your event! This can be done through adding your details to the online form below that was sent to you via email from the Office Administrator. The more information you can give us, the better we can collaborate and create with you to promote and inform the community about your event.

Digital Communications

Digital Communications include everything from creating a Facebook Event, posting on Instagram, promoting on the Soul Sanctuary website and weekly email shout outs to the applicable group you are wanting to reach in this event. Using the information you provided, the Soul Create team will take charge in communicating your message.

Internal Communications

  • Video Communications: Video includes the video weekly and highlight videos or clips that display what occurred at the event and can be used in the promotion of annual events.
  • Paper Communications: Paper promotional materials can include brochures, postcards and inserting the information in the paper weekly. If desired, the Soul Create team will partner with you to design and create paper products that fit the vision and theme of the event.

Interpersonal Communications

This is the most important form of communication. At Soul Sanctuary, it has been proven time and time again that spending time walking around and introducing yourself to individuals during the coffee break and before/after the gathering(s) can BEST promote your event. Some ways to best accomplish this include:

  • Interactive Displays: As an example, if you are promoting the golf tournament, setting up a putting green in the middle of the atrium will draw a crowd and give the event leaders time to meet and discuss the event with interested individuals. The Soul Create team can help you brainstorm to come up with a great idea.
  • One-on-One Communication: Wearing a lanyard and approaching individuals to discuss event in a one-on-one or small group setting. This is a great way to have personal interactions and to meet new/unplugged individuals in the community. Remember to bring a signup form with you

We encourage you to find ONE interpersonal communication promotional strategy and make sure that you have a MINIMUM of one leadership head present a week to communicate during those key moments (before and after the gathering/coffee time) while the event is being promoted.

** NOTE: For best promotion of your event, the Soul Create team will need the event information form filled out at least one month prior to your event.