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WILDLIFE Youth - Small Group Hangs

  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (map)


Tonight is time for your small group to hang out together! Each small group is doing something different. So make sure to identify where your group will be and show up there! The permission form must be filled out!




Grade 9 Girls: Spa Night (Fort Garry)
     - Drop off 7:11pm @ 1197 Parker Ave. (Leader's House), pick up at 10:00pm.
     - Bring nail polish, face masks etc. 
     - Questions: Contact Keira @ 204-296-3531‬

Grade 9/10 Guys: House Party Hangs (Lindenwoods)
     - Drop off 7:11pm @ 43 Eaglemount Cres. (Leader's House), pick up at 10:00pm.
     - Video games and board games! Feel free to bring your own game(s)!
     - Cost: $2 - Covers pizza, drinks and snacks.
     - Questions: Contact Jon @ ‭204-229-1618‬

Grade 10 Girls: Fruit Fondue Night (Osborne)
     - Drop off at 7:11pm @ 100 Roslyn Rd. and text Hailey at 431-200-3796 when you arrive.
     - Fruit fondue night and games. Bring some fruit to share! 
     - Questions: Contact Hailey @ 431-200-3796

Grade 11/12 Guys: Video Game LAN Party (Linden Ridge)
     - Drop off 7:11pm @ Soul Sanctuary, pick up at 10:00pm.
     - Feel free to bring your XBOX One (clearly labelled), TV, or other consoles. 
     - Games to play are Call of Duty WWII, Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League, Super Smash, etc. 
     - Cost: $2 - Covers pizza, drinks and snacks.
     - Questions: Contact Jordan @ 204.250.5884

Grade 11/12 Girls: House Party (Bridgewater)
     - Drop off 7:11pm @ 87 Rose Garden Cres., pick up at 10:00pm. 
     - Group hangs and games.
     - Homemade ice cream sandwiches.
     - Questions: Contact Lauren @ 204.803.8730


WILDLIFE is a radically inclusive environment. We think you're awesome and we can't wait to hang out with you! If you have any questions before you arrive, please contact our Pastor, Jordan Michalski (204.250.5884 or

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