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For the week of March 3rd to 9th we are setting aside one hour each day to pray for our community, our leadership, and our future. We believe God has amazing things planned for Soul Sanctuary. Every morning from 7 – 8 a.m., we will gather to pray at Soul Fort Richmond (590 University Cres). Whether you can attend one morning, every morning or none, join us by scheduling an intentional hour of prayer into your day.  Involve your family, friends and roommates - we're building community here!

The week will kick off with our gathering on Sunday, March 2 at the St. Vital Cineplex and finish with a 24-hour prayer marathon from 9:00 am Saturday morning until 9:00 am Sunday morning - all night owls please sign up to pray for an hour at your home! Pastor Gerry invites you to join him for “Fasting Friday” as well!

God has given us a vibrant community, exciting leadership and a building which stretches well beyond what we ever could have expected. We need God deep in our community, our leadership and our new building - we need to pray.

Prayer Topics

- Our new building // The Construction Process + Funding
- South Winnipeg // especially those communities surrounding the new building
- The community of Soul Sanctuary // leadership, volunteers and specific needs
- Ministry connections // All Hands Held, The Purshaga's, Global Disciples Canada, more here ➤
- Living Word Temple and North Winnipeg


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Which hours would you be available for prayer at your home between 9am (Saturday, March 8) and 9am (Sunday, March 9)?

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